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Editorial Process

The administrators of this site have established an editorial process to ensure equal opportunity to suggest or submit ideas and content.

RocStarts promotes entrepreneurial news, events, success stories, entrepreneur profiles, and content from the Rochester and Finger Lakes regional community.  Because of its entrepreneurial focus, it covers news and events geared toward earlier stage companies, rather than local companies that have been around for many years.

The site covers topics such as (but not limited to) Funding, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Product Prototyping, Networking, Incentives, Events and Workshops, Educational Opportunities, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Growth Strategies, Incubation, and Customer Discovery.

Ideas for content will be reviewed and assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The content has a broad enough appeal to resonate with those interested in entrepreneurship
  • The content provides those interested in entrepreneurship with useful, practical information that addresses a real need
  • The content has a “hook” to capture the attention of readers
  • The content presents information objectively and does not an attempt to sell an organization’s product or service
  • The content comprehensively addresses an issue and provides data and information to substantiate points of view
  • The writer has experience with the topic and/or could be deemed an authority on the topic
  • The content offers unique insights, analysis, data, or methodologies that make it stand out
  • The content does not have distracting and unprofessional typographical, grammatical, or mechanical errors, and is void of language that could be deemed derogatory or offensive

Please note that General Retail news, such as restaurant or store openings and closings, is viewed as promotional content. If submitting retail stories, please focus the content on the entrepreneur, or an innovative or new process that is being used to help the company grow.

When submitting content, the preferred length is 300-750 words. Original digital photos or graphics also can be submitted if they support the topic. These images should be at least 300 by 300 dpi.  Photos should be images that support the story topic and not pictures of the writer/author.

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